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User Registration
Why does every user need an account?
  • For freely registered account, you can save sequence and analysis result in "my data". It's especially useful if you have many sequences to analyze.
  • You can manage literatures, favorite tools and meta-packages in "my literature", "my toolbox" and "my metapackage" respectively for further use. It means you can get your data in any place of the world once you connect with Internet.
  • You could monitor the status of your submitted work if it needs long time to compute and can't return result immediately. Moreover, it is also easy to control your submitted jobs.
  • You can run and design protocols and macros according to the task.
  • You can experience Share Mechanism and Group Strategy which are very useful in project collaboration.
Therefore, we highly recommend users to register online. All you have to do is to fill a simple table after clicking "Registration" button.
Note: An available email address is very important. Because the server will inform you to activate your account by email, and job result will be send to you by email when your long job is finished.
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After login, user can view his/her own account by clicking on "My Account". Here, the server allows user to edit his/her basic information.
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In this edit page, user can modify the information freely.
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For users who do not want to register temporarily, WebLab provides try out function.
Users can choose to try out without the registering process and then experience all the function provided by WebLab; however, the account information will disappear after clicking logout or the session has exceeded the time limit. If user want to use WebLab for long time, please register a free account and login in normally.
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